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Expressionist (eolic) Herby indoor

I guess this building located in a windy, desolate area of the far north of the planet, where you work to extract resources for energy-consuming human civilization today.
Inspired by the works of artists such as Edvard Munch and Francis Bacon, from the designs of the architect John Hejduk and from reading the book by Laurence Smith “The world in 2050”.

E’ una delle tante forme che può assumere Herby indoor.

Immagino questo edificio situato in una ventosa e desolata zona dell’estremo nord del pianeta, dove si lavora ad estrarre le risorse  per l’energivora civiltà umana odierna.    Ispirato dalle opere di artisti come Edvard Munch e Francis Bacon, dai disegni dell’architetto John Hejduk e dalla lettura del libro di Laurence Smith  “2050, il futuro del nuovo Nord”.

expressionist herby

expressionist tower section

eolic tower 2

korn building

eolic tower expressionist


In an unspecified Venetian “field” where stands the house of the inhabitant “who has refused to participate”.

In front of it rises a tower built out of stone, from which any citizen may observe unseen the inhabitant of the refusal, by means of a play windows-mirrors.   John Hejduk  1978.

Uno sviluppo interno di Herby indoor direttamente ispirato al progetto di Hejduk : “casa dell’abitante che rifiuta di partecipare”

eolic tower section

Expressionist indoor field

Expressionist city tower

Expressionist indoor tower

eco tower section